Pop Up Photo #1

On May 14, for a few hours a  group of artists took over Honey Bistro… and it was good…


Phillip Cha, A Walk Through the Mint Plaza

Phillip Cha captures images of everyday San Francisco in extraordinary ways. He adds a vibrant and transcendent quality using bold colors and framing. At the same time giving people a humanity to people living on the streets therein. Phillip’s photos were accompanied by the elegant poems of Steve Surryhne which provided a deeper examination and insights into the imagery .


Dina Kharag, Santa Cruz Sunset


Dina Kharag, Toasty

Dina Kharag, UC Santa Cruz student and ArtSeed alumni, showed a series of photos, black and white photos mixed with color, which were autobiographical with friends, family and acquaintances she’s met along the way, and nature. Dina asks viewers “So as you look through my photos, maybe ask yourself were there moments in your life that you felt were magnificent? Poignant? Even magical? I hope the photos inspire you to look at the world a bit differently.”




objectification 1

Aberswyth Van Bueren , A View of Richness and Objectification

Aberswyth Van Bueren, an ArtSeed alumni studying at Southern Oregon University, provided a photo triptych and accompanying poetry A View of Richness and Objectification.  A few words from Aberswyth about the work “Nevertheless, we become a part of the objects we have, and may sometimes wonder if there is something beyond all that. Is there richness beyond “stuff”? If so, where do we find it? Or is it within us?” Read her accompany poem below in photo gallery.


Untitled, Micah Kim

Micah Kim also displayed work of a more personal nature with her family, namely her sister Abby, and”extended family,” Annika.  Showing her keen eye for her subjects and movement. “I like to take pictures of Abby because she’s so not model-like, in the sense that she doesn’t like to pose for pictures. I always took my favorite pictures when she wasn’t posing, and I think it makes the pictures look so real and effortless, even though they aren’t perfect. I specifically liked the pictures of her with a pretty background, because her hair, face, and clothes don’t take away from it.”

For me, this event signified a special convergence with these multi-talented artists, whom I’ve appreciated for some time now. Especially seeing the work from these youth and young adults with powerful ideas and voices with creative methods to express them.

IMG_4782 - Version 2

Zoom, Charles “Trey” Houston


Dina and Ruri one cold morning at the beach.

I showed my work in progress Run Ruri Run! which challenged me to find a way to capture the speed of a Championship runner in motion, the unflappable Ruriko Kubo, while generating motion in the background using  long hand-held exposures. Dina assisted in capturing her running at the Kezar Stadium track and  Twin Peaks in the cold morning wind.

In 2011, Kubo became the second-fastest Japanese woman in history, winning the 800 m at the 2012 Japanese National Championships.



Also, I was happy to display some pics from May One, Modern Day Dinosaurs, A Day in the Life of Wesley and other long exposures.

BIG THANKS to all who came out to the show and/or supported the event through their encouragement, guidance and well-wishes. It was a modest turnout. Each visitor brought waves of inspiring conversation and jovial disposition throughout the day.

It was a Pop Up event. Pop Up in terms of presentation. Utilizing a space used for one purpose, in this case Honey Bistro, serving outstanding food during the week, and repurposing it to display outstanding art for a few hours on the weekend. The space was open and inviting for work to be shown, and blessed from frequent visits by Jeannie Kim.  It was a wonderful chance to reach out to friends and families to share and next time out I plan for people to have more of a heads up… Next time! More artists, unique locations and outstanding artwork to share with the community!

Thanks again to Jeannie, Gaby, Chef Neil, Jee Cha and Karen Prevatt. And Chizu and Annika without whom there are no events. Couldn’t have done without you!

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