Run Ruri Run 001

My passion is running.

When I was kid, I ran. I didn’t think. I just ran, and ran fast.

I won a so many medals from racing. I always won.

I thought I would definitely go to the Olympics. I pushed my self in order to improve my race time.IMG_4630

At the same time, I always complained. I should have run faster….I must always win…

But after turning to 24, I started to suffer because of an injury and winning slump. I was not able to improve my personal best time. I started loosing races. I was thinking too much. How should I run? how should I move my leg? My running was completely different than before. I suffered a lot. I hated running. I started to hate my self because I can’t win any race.

But I continued running. I could have stopped, but I didn’t. Why would I continue something I hated?

After a long journey, understood: I had never appreciated my running life. Once I let go, I found that I love running even if I lose race, even if I can’t run as fast as before.


I feel alive when I run. I smile when I run. I connect to something greater when I run. I love running without reason.

I suffered with my passion of running for a long time.

But that suffering gave me wisdom, gave me a chance to appreciate for my running experiences and everything else. It reminded me what a beautiful passion I have.

My passion of running is part of my life. My passion of running is part of me.


Running with a friend.



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