Neighbor.Hood Connections

neighborposter_copyHow often have you walked past a store, sometimes for years, and have never gone inside? Folks from the neighborhood had a chance to visit A New Leaf Florist on Friday and Saturday, November 11&12, to enjoy gorgeous flower arrangements;  good food; drink; and community fellowship. This was a refreshing  communal experience after such a divisive week. Much thanks for support of the event from those who came and couldn’t make it!  Work will remain up through November. Drop in or give Trey a shout at 415-794-3456 or

I showed some new work, printed some old photos which had been lurking in my photo library and displayed some favorites. Mattress Book coming soon!

Visit Pablo and Gabriel at A New Leaf Florist, 1501 Franklin St.. It is a family run business providing services around SF and the Bay Area for more than a decade. Balloons for the kids! / 415-771-1066. Neighbor.Hood, a photo series by Charles “Trey” Houston exhibits a wide-variety of one-of-a-kind images taken from nearly 5 years of walking the San Francisco streets. How do you define your neighborhood? What are its boundaries? What are the daily generalities and idiosyncrasies of its people and buildings, from the whimsical to the stark (and all that lies between)?

From the event!

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