Chaplain Charles Connects with Law Enforcement


With GSP Captain Durden.

Chuck Three has completed editing completed editing a video for Chaplain Charles


With Capt. Hires

of Caring Connection Chaplaincy. After spending time in Darien, Georgia, and across the state of Georgia, a deep respect was garnered towards the officers who put themselves in harms way every day. Hearing their stories firsthand informs me of the immense weight they have on their shoulders and how they cope with the traumatic encounters they face all the time. When Captain Luther Hires spoke about speaking with a family about finding the drowned body of a three-year old child, it was impossible not to be impacted.



With Sgt. Snipe


With Lt. Brown, Chuckles and Annika

Chaplain Charles is able to see the world through their lens, and stands by their sides and families during the darkest moments, and to celebrate their joys too. Caring Connection Chaplaincy is all about connection, relationships. He is a friend, a counselor or a pastor to those who are in need.

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