Fall Open Studios 2015 with 3rd St. Playhouse / Bayview Opera House

Right Side Up, Click to view more about Mattress City

High Energy,  Click the learn more about the Wesley Project

Chuck Three had the distinct privilege to share room 206 with 3rd Street Playhouse’s Amy Crumpacker, at Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios, October 18&19th, in building 110, which was graciously hosted by the Bayview Opera House. Amy facilitated Difficulty with an Object, a performance workshop which looks at objects in our lives, and properties design for theater. She lured visitors into the building with her installations, created with a couple of artists she was mentoring.

I exhibited photos from three projects: Mattress City, School Portrait (from A Day In The Life of Wesley Community Centers of Savannah) and May.One, series of street photography.

Over the course of the two days I had pleasant conversations with the many people who stopped by. You would never believe how long you can sustain conversations about llamas and street mattresses!

Tides and Tires, Click to view more photos from May.One

A view to Room 206

Chicken's Delight Installation

Chicken’s Delight Installation

There were 11 other studio artists there showing there work. This was a unique opportunity to show work in a building 110, which will be demolished soon.

Much thanks to Danielle Satinover for pulling things together and Dina Kharag for helping me prepare for this event!

Photos from Open Studios below!

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