Georgia! Wesley! Annika!

Making new friends! View more pictures.

News from the deep south! Annika spent the last week acclimating to 4 solid hours of time loss. Not to worry, it will return upon her California return. She spent last week in Wesley Community Centers of Savannah’s early childhood education and development center, her first week ever in a childcare facility. She has made
new friends small and tall who have been nothing short of wonderful on all fronts. She begins her second week this Wednesday after a St. Patty’s day hiatus -a holiday for much of Savannah.

This has been quite the adventure thus far. Annika has crossed the U.S., hung out with her Grandma and Dah face-to-face and has enjoyed the breadth and beauty of Coastal Georgia,

IMG_8125gnats and pollen withstanding. At nights after Wesley, she retreats to the company of GreatGran Meme, Uncle Earl and John Wayne. Henrietta will enjoy two more weeks at the Community Center while her Papa continues his photo project A Day in The Life of Wesley. More on that to come. What’s Wesley you ask? Wesley has served children many children and families since 1949. They were brave enough to hire a wily unfocused young man, yours truly, to focus on and facilitate their summer camp and work in the child care via 1999-2000, not to mention Chuck Two in 1967-1969. Now they’ve opened their doors for Henrietta.

Wesley early childhood education and development center keeps fees affordable for low-income families. Provides free services to families who are homeless. One hundred percent of their “graduates”, including those with emotional, physical, and psychological disabilities, go on to achieve at or above their target skill level in kindergarten. They are in 100% compliance with state regulations and immunization. This program is proud to have earned national accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the mark of quality for early childhood education programs.IMG_7474

Learn more about Wesley!

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