Music for a School Garden (7 min.) Music director Michele Winter leads the Lowell High School String Players performing three short works by Stanley Fletcher in the Lowell High School Garden.

Music Composition Scholarship Winner (2 min. 52 sec.). It was a pleasure to work with Lisa Oman at Composers & Schools in Concert, who also made the Quickening Pollen a success.

Each year, one San Francisco Bay Area high school student wins 5 hours of mentoring sessions with a professional composer plus an ensemble reading of their work by a professional ensemble. Students enter the scholarship contest by submitting a video and a score. The video describes the draft score and the motivation behind the music. Through mentoring sessions with a professional composer, the draft score is developed into an excerpt, a section, or a full piece that is ready for a reading session with a professional ensemble. The composer assists the student with the development of the piece, notation, and print preparation.

The 2017 ensemble was Friction Quartet and advising composer was Belinda Reynolds.

The Quickening Pollen (3 min 30 sec.) I had the distinct pleasure to work with Charles Boone in collaboration with the Lowell High School String Orchestra, lead by Music Director Michele Winter. A 3 minute video was culminated from two rehearsals as well as a performance.

How Music Is Made (24 min.) San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Composer Nicole Mitchell is in conversation with Steven Schick about her work Procession Time.

Night Walk (30 sec.) An evening stroll into downtown SF composed of still photographs edited in sequence. View Night Walk Photo Selections.

Video documentation and presentation of Compose Yourself, a high school composing contest for the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. (9min.)

52 Islands, Used for crowd funding by non profit 52 Islands.

2 short commercials for APAPA (Asian Pacific Association of Political Action). (1min. 30sec.)

Commercial for ArSeed fundraising event. Animations done in collaboration with MYEEP (Mayor’s Youth Employment & Education Program (1min.)

Documentation of event with of Aoi Yamaguchi at Minamoto Kitchoan. (1min. 15sec.)

PR video for ArtSeed. (4min. 30sec.)

Commercial for Pine United Methodist Church Event. (1min.)

Archival Chuck Three Reel. (3min.)

Documentation and presentation of 2010 ArtSeed Summer Intensive. (12min.)

Commercial for Open Studios. (45sec.)

Documentation of Epiphyte party(1min 30sec.)

Short film. (4 min.)

Profile of Yoga program at Glide Memorial (4min. 24sec.)

Selections from Yoga Instructional video (3min.)

Music and song from Wesley Community Centers of Savannah, Inc. (3min. 45sec.)

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