Sponsor Me! Promotional video for ArtSeed fundraiser the Art-a-thon. 2012. (1 min. 45 sec.)

Commercial for ArSeed fundraising event. Animations done in collaboration with MYEEP students. (Mayor’s Youth Employment & Education Program) 2013. (1min.)

A Day in the Life of Wesley Community Centers of Savannah Photo Project. 2015. See more portraits.

School Portraits

The Quickening Pollen. 2017 (3 min 30 sec.)

2 short commercials for APAPA (Asian Pacific Association of Political Action). 2011 (1min. 30sec.)

Music for a School Garden 2017 (7 min.)

Composers in School in Concert. Music Composition Scholarship Winner. 2017 (2 min. 52 sec.).

Commercial for ArtSeed Open Studios. 2010. (45sec.)

Compose Yourself, a high school composing contest for the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. 2014 (9min.)

ArtSeed PR Video. 2011 (4min. 30sec.)

Music and song from Wesley Community Centers of Savannah, Inc. 2009 (3min. 45sec.)

Archival Chuck Three Reel. 2008 (3min.)

Documentation and presentation of 2010 ArtSeed Summer Intensive. 2010 (12min.)

The Affair Short film. 2006 (4 min.)

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