May.One is comprised of photographs taken from the month of May during 2012-2015, all from a DSLR. Why May? May 2015 was the first month I rigorously categorized. As my photo library steadily grows, I feel the need to categorize each photo as completely as possible (ie, was the photo taken at night, on the street, of a specific object, what neighborhood, etc.) to make retrieval simplified. Then I continued further back down the number line. In other years, I found similarities in subject matter, contrasting techniques I was using, and relived some seminal life moments. Then there was May, a fascinating month unto itself.

The photos below were included in the first incarnation of this project presented at Fall Open Studios in the Hunters Point Shipyard. Tides and Tires, Fortune Teller and Class Clown were in Mendocino County. All other photos taken in San Francisco. Prints are for sale! Contact Chuck for more info. Click to view larger images.

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