DAY ONE. After an 18 hour trip across the Atlantic from San Francisco we finally settled at Chizu’s home in Okayama. We spent the day with Mrs. Hashimoto, aka Oba-chan, where Annika tried in vain for her to warm to carrots.  Mr. Hashimoto, aka Oji-chan. Visited photo show for the Lions club with Oji-chan’s photo. Annika had portrait painted at art exhibition.

DAY TWO. A walk along the water in search of spiders. Found a rusty playground Chizu play at as a child. Purchased fruits and vegetables in the parking lot down the street from home. Vending machines with Oba-chan!

HALLOWEEN PARTY. A time to celebrate Halloween with friends at Mu (Chizu’s brother) his wife Chika’s home. With Kishi and Hata families.

DAY THREE – OSAKA. Traveling from Okayama to Osaka with Chika, Shiryu and Miuka. Meeting Kaori, Koji, Tomoyoshi and baby Hitomi. Visiting Osaka Castle Park playground and Osaka Castle.

DAY 4 – KYOTO. Eating green tea treats and visiting Byodoin temple with Isshiki family and Mr. Morita-san.

Later that day in Kyoto…hanging with Yuki, visiting Kiyomizu.

DAY 5 – SAKURABASHI SUNSET near Chizu’s house.